New River Retail – Burgess Hill

by roberteggleston on 21 August, 2011

Funny old life isn’t it? In the local elections the Tories make great play of not attacking their opponents. Pity they can’t stick to the pledge when the elections are over. Whiff of hypocrisy springs to mind. Anyway having been the subject of a personal attack in the Mid Sussex Times I am detailing my […]

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Town Centre development – New River Retail and Sainsbury

by roberteggleston on 8 August, 2011

The proposals announced by New River Retail for redevelopment of our retail centre in Burgess Hill leaves a gaping hole for those of us who are concerned about the towns cultural and artistic development. The Burgess Hill Masterplan, which was produced in 2006, had specific pledges about the need for a new arts centre and […]

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Save The Orion

by roberteggleston on 30 June, 2011

I have set up an email address so if anyone wants a poster for their window, offices, schools and clubs etc. just email me. I can also send you a petition form so you can get names from people who are not connected via Facebook. email me on

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Save The Orion -On line petition launched

by roberteggleston on 27 June, 2011

It is ocasionally a bit flaky and slow but I have set up an online petition for the Save The Orion Cinema campaign. You can either get to it via the link on the Facebook page (Save The Orion Cinema, Burgess Hill) which now has over 2300 hits. Or use the link on this site […]

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Save The Orion – Udate

by roberteggleston on 21 June, 2011

I am totally amazed by the response on the Facebook page for the Save The Orion campaign with nearly 1200 hits in a matter of days. So many people have really good memories about The Orion and see it as a valuable community asset. It really ought to have a future and I do hope […]

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Save the Orion Cinema

by roberteggleston on 18 June, 2011

If you saw the story in the Mid Sussex Times on 9th June you will be aware that Mid Sussex District Council is looking at developing the Cyprus Road Car Park site. Sainsbury has expressed an interest in putting up a superstore on thsi site and if this went ahead it is likely that The Orion […]

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Thank You

by roberteggleston on 3 May, 2011

Thursday 5th May is polling Day. As if you did not know already. We have met hundreds of people in this campaign. We have called on every door (sometimes more than once). We have been encouraged by the warmth of your response and we have tried to answer your questions and concerns as best we […]

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Postal Vote fiasco

by roberteggleston on 1 May, 2011

Two of the Town Council Wards in Burgess Hill are Meeds South and Meeds North. So guess what?…….. When it came to sending out the postal votes for these two Wards, Mid Sussex District Council managed to put the ballots for Meeds South into the envelopes addressed to the voters in Meeds North. And you’ve […]

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by roberteggleston on 1 May, 2011

Vote YES for Fair Votes because……. MPs should get at least 50% of the vote to be elected.   It will make MPs work harder. It gives more power to voters rather than party machines.  Parliament will be more representative. MPs will be more accountable to local   residents. It gives you more choice over who will […]

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CPZs Cancelled

by roberteggleston on 29 April, 2011

As we predicted, local residents have voted overwhelmingly against the introduction of a controlled parking zone in Victoria Ward. In September 2010 I consulted widely on this issue just as the County Council started its own consultation exercise. The feedback I received at the time was that it was simply a tax on parking, it […]

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